Mammoth Damascus Pocket Knife


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An incredible woolly mammoth ivory and Damascus steel blade pocket knife! Each piece is a one of a kind and only 2 are available in this extremely limited grouping. Listing is for one knife. This pocket knife features a double sided mammoth ivory handle in natural brown tones that was cut from the exterior of the fossil tusk. The genuine Damascus steel is featured throughout the knife on both the handle and blade, and also features 3 red garnet stone accents. Approximate length of 8 1/3” open and 4 3/4” closed. 

Prehistoric woolly mammoth ivory is found in the cold northern regions of Alaska, Canada, Russia, and Siberia, and may range in age from 10,000 to 200,000 years. Colors vary in shades of cream, tan, and brown. Prehistoric woolly mammoth ivory is the traditional and cruelty free 14th wedding anniversary gift, and also an amazing reminder of your trip to Alaska!