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Kuber,a native of Nepal, is a gifted artist working from his studio in Juneau, Alaska.

Kuber came to Metlakatla, Alaska in 1985. His wife, Julie, tells us that he actually liked his work in the cannery as he readily blended in with the close Native community. Kuber earned his degree in graphic arts in 1978 at Hong Kong Poly Tech. While studying art and graphic design, he became fascinated with Northwest Coast Indian Art.

Kuber has made an impact on the Alaskan art scene by melding the stylized designs of Northwest Coastal Art into the unique dimensions of these find hand woven carpets. His graphic work "To the Rescue", "Howling, Prowling Wolves,", "Dancing Blankets", "Askance Glance", and "Flying South" detail an intricate ethereal style utilizing vivid color and form.