Kershaw Mammoth Tooth Composite Blade Pocket Knife


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Kershaw’s Leek style Composite Blade Technology joins two high-performance steels in one. The wavy copper line you see running through the blade is the brazing that permanently joins the razor-sharp, durable D2 cutting edge to the Sandvik 14C28N spine. The combination of these two steels enables us to give you a blade that not only looks amazing, but also provides the best of two steel worlds.

  • Composite Blade Technology joins two steels in one blade; Made in the USA
  • Cutting edge of high-carbon, high-chromium D2 steel to take and hold an incredible edge; high-performance 14C28N stainless steel on the spine; bead-blasted finish provides a matte look
  • Single sided prehistoric woolly mammoth tooth, stainless steel 
  • SpeedSafe® assisted opening with convenient flipper; Tip-Lock secures blade when closed

Prehistoric woolly mammoth tooth is found in the arctic regions of Alaska, Canada, Russia, and Siberia where it was buried in the permafrost for 10,000 to 200,000 years. Natural colors and patterns vary depending upon where the fossil material was buried, and how the tooth material was cut. 

Kershaw mammoth tooth knife colors and patterns may vary from photographs shown due to the unique nature of our fossil materials. 

Available in Color Treated (blues, greens, aquas).