Vintage Ebony Drop and Druzy Earrings


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Stunning deep black brown vintage ebony wood drops and natural, sparkly druzy quartz are set with rhodium plated sterling silver in our signature open petals setting and finished with lever backs.
3.5" long
*Earrings are on right in group photo. Photographed alongside Deco Faceted Labradorite Earrings

Druzy (drusy) is a beautiful, glittery crystal layer  that forms on quartz (or other host stone) over MILLIONS of years! Found in Brazil and all over the world, this sought after stone is said to encourage relaxation and stress relief for the wearer. Some also believe quartz is a master healing crystal with protection and grounding.

Vintage Ebony Wood is a dark, beautiful and highly sought after hard wood. Our vintage ebony wood is over 30 years old and is known for its rich, dark brown, black appearance and sturdy build. Wood is the traditional 5th wedding anniversary gift.

Designed by Courtney Tripp