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Ivory Jacks is known for our eco conscious jewelry designed by father + daughter, Kurt and Courtney, and premium artisan knives.
Sold all over Alaska in fine stores and around the world, our pieces are hand crafted from unique materials including prehistoric woolly mammoth and fossil walrus tusk.
From earrings to cufflinks and mammoth ivory pocket knives to traditional 14th wedding anniversary gifts, we have something for everyone. We thank you for supporting ours and other curated small businesses this holiday season!

About Ivory Jacks

Kurt and Francine

Ivory Jacks has been family owned and operated since the beginning over 40 years ago! Ivory Jacks specializes in eco conscious prehistoric woolly mammoth and fossil walrus ivory jewelry, knives, men's jewelry, one of a kind art carvings, and fossil specimens.

As a child, Kurt Tripp, co owner and founder of Ivory Jacks, would see mammoth tusks that had been unearthed by the spring floods on the banks of the Yukon River near his childhood home of Fairbanks, more.


Courtney has been a part of the Ivory Jacks family business since she was 9 years old, traveling with her Dad, Kurt, on sales trips through Alaska during the summer. After helping her Dad set up a make shift showroom, she would set off to explore town and sell her own hand made jewelry in front of her family’s Alaskan more.

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