Ivory Jacks has been family owned and operated for over 45 years! Ivory Jacks specializes in eco conscious prehistoric woolly mammoth ivory & tooth, fossil walrus ivory, and naturally shed moose antler jewelry.

As a child, Kurt Tripp, co-owner and Ivory Jacks visionary, would see mammoth tusks that had been unearthed by the spring floods on the banks of the Yukon River near his childhood home of Fairbanks, Alaska. Kurt would play around these immense tusks and bones that had been collected by his grandfather, a riverboat pilot, and his father, an avid rock hound and outdoorsman. He was curious about what they were and where they came from, how long they had been buried and what the massive creature looked like that had carried them. Unbeknownst to young Kurt, this profound fascination ultimately led to the business he would create with his wife, Francine, years later.

During summer breaks from college in Seattle, Kurt would travel back to Alaska and work on the Trans Alaskan Pipeline. In 1978 after working a year on the oil fields of Prudhoe Bay, Kurt had finally accumulated enough capital to start a business buying and wholesaling scrimshawed ivory art and jewelry. Looking for more ivory to scrimshaw led to dealing in Alaska native arts and crafts, fossil walrus ivory, woolly mammoth ivory and bones, as well as ancient Eskimo artifacts.

Ivory Jacks has grown over the years and currently carries over a thousand unique styles of jewelry, knives, cufflinks, ulus, art carvings and more. The popular Ivory Jacks jewelry line incorporates mammoth and fossil walrus ivories, naturally shed moose antler, mammoth tooth, 14kt gold, sterling silver and precious and semi precious stones. Pieces are available both set as earrings and pendants for boutiques and gift shops and unset for fellow jewelry designers and metal smiths.

Kurt and Francine live in the Pacific Northwest near Seattle and have three daughters, Courtney, Carli and Hannah, and four grand children with another one on the way! Courtney is the Ivory Jacks lead jewelry designer and Emerald Trunk owner and designer, Carli is a former NFL cheerleader and current NFL dance team choreographer, and Hannah is a former NFL cheerleader, Barry's Bootcamp fitness instructor, and former 5X lululemon ambassador.