The Artists of Ivory Jacks - Alaskan Mammoth and Natural Fossil Ivory Jewelry


At Ivory Jacks we work directly with our artists, carvers, scrimshanders, and silver smiths from around the world to ensure that our vision is perfectly delivered to you. Here are just a few of our many talented artists.


Courtney has been intrigued with the concept of jewelry design since she was a child, envisioning her own company full artist profile



Chupak, a sensitive and creative Alaskan artist, signs his work "Chup AK" which is a derivative of his name full artist profile


Charles Carnahan was born in 1958 in Salem, Oregon, but has made his home in Alaska since 1961. His full artist profile



In some ways, Chhem’s story is no different than the millions of other immigrants who migrated to the United full artist profile


Kuber, a native of Nepal, is a gifted artist working from his studio in Juneau, Alaska. Kuber came to Metlakatla, full artist profile



Master scrimshander Linda Layden has been practicing the art of scrimshaw for over six decades, learning from her mother who was trained in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. This heritage is evident in her work which is infused with the maritime traditions of the coastal Northeast. In Linda's own words, scrimshaw came to her naturally. Her talent is not the product of schooling or training but rather a deep appreciation for the sea and its accompanying ways of life.

Today Linda is one of few artisan scrimshanders still creating history rich art in this medium. She is determined to keep scrimshaw alive by creating beautiful pieces that inspire others, from her tranquil country cottage workshop.

Linda is known at Ivory Jacks for her stunning roses, forget me nots, and wild flowers as well as Alaskan animals and nautical scenes.  



Born in Los Gatos, California in 1955, Peter grew up to be an avid surfer and sailor. His love for nautical art manifested at an early age with pen and ink drawings. But his nautical heritage actually dates back to 1603 when Queen Elizabeth bestowed knighthood on his ancestor, Sir Thomas Kinney, for supplying ships to the Royal Navy.

After moving to Hawaii to find the "perfect wave", he discovered the art of scrimshaw. His career blossomed from that point on. After working as an artist for over 18 years on the islands, Peter had become one of the premier scrimshanders of Hawaii.

Peter's scrimshaw is found in some of the most discriminating collections in the world. He is known for his fine detail work and nostalgic views of ships and marine mammals. Peter continues his work as a scrimshander to this day from his home in the Pacific Northwest.