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Fossil Mammoth Tooth Rectangle Ring

Fossil Mammoth Tooth Rectangle Ring

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Each classic style prehistoric mammoth tooth ring features a naturally patterned rectangle and rhodium plated sterling silver. Every ring is a one of a kind due to the natural patterns and unique natural and treated colors of our mammoth tooth. Listing is for one ring.

Colors and patterns vary and may be different from photographed rings. Natural tones may include brown, tan, white, gray and black. Treated tones may include blue, green or red. Email to choose your ring.

Mammoth molar fossils are mainly found in the cold northern regions of Siberia, Russia, Alaska, and Canada, and generally range in age from 10,000 to 200,000 years. The woolly mammoth had 4 molars at one time that were used to grind down vegetation (mammoths were vegetarians!), and had 6 sets of molars in a lifetime.

Designed by Courtney Tripp 

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