Stone & Mammoth Bracelets


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Gorgeous Stone & Mammoth Bracelets are available in several natural lapis, jade and malachite stone choices. They are fantastic stacking bracelets and are meant to be mixed and matched with our other Ivory Jacks bracelets and bangles.
Note that "natural" stone bracelets use stones and mammoth ivory pieces that are of an organic shape. No two bracelets are alike!
Designed by Courtney Tripp

From Left to Right:
Blue Lapis & Mammoth Round Bead Bracelet
(8mm photographed)
Green Jade & Mammoth Round Bead Bracelet
(5mm, 6mm, and 8mm photographed)
SOLD OUT Green Malachite & Mammoth Natural Bead Bracelet (photographed center)

Prehistoric woolly mammoth ivory is found in the cold northern regions of Alaska, Canada, Russia, and Siberia, and may range in age from 10,000 to 200,000 years. Natural colors may include cream, tan, chocolate or caramel brown depending upon where the material was buried, and for how many tens of thousands of years.